Dec 1, 2016

One Artsy Mama Ornament Exchange!

Happy December!! Can you believe it's December already?? Officially Christmas time! And time for gift exchanges!

I love the idea of blogger gift swaps and ornament exchanges, but for some reason have never taken part in one.  Well that changed this year!

One Artsy Mama hosted a fun ornament exchange, and I decided to sign up! It was super easy and fun to do. My friend, Jenny, from Dear Paradise, signed up too! Fun!

My exchange buddy, Kirstin, gave me tons of great theme ideas for her ornament, and I felt so bad because I didn't give any extra details of my style, but she totally nailed it!

I received this adorable little ornament from Hallmark and super cute card!
Side story: I worked at Hallmark for 9 years, and just recently left back in January, so I was super familiar with Keepsake Ornaments. Even though I didn't work there, I still went to look at (and buy) the new 2016 ornaments when they came out in July (yes, July.). I have a mini tree with tons of miniature ornaments, and this was one of the ones I didn't buy! And it's just SO. CUTE!
I've always loved these little penguins - their faces!!! ADORBS!

Kirstin and I were on the same page, because I found this really cute Mickey Mouse personalized ornament - also from Hallmark (not a sponsor! haha!). She said she and her family love Disney, and I thought it'd be cute. I ordered one in red! Oh so festive!

I really enjoyed my first ornament exchange, and I definitely want to do it again next year!

Did you take part in an ornament exchange? Let me know what you got in the comments!

Happy exchanging!

All photos by Sara, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Love this and thanks for getting me to join too! It was so fun! You should also share what ornament you sent to your match! I thought it was so creative and thoughtful!