Sep 27, 2016

Homemade No Churn Galaxy Ice Cream

When I found out no churn ice cream was a thing, I got really excited. Really excited. Who knew such a magical thing could be so easy to make? I'm sure a lot of you knew... I've come to accept the fact that I'm usually pretty out of the loop. But it's okay! Because better late than never, right??
Homemade No Churn Vanilla Galaxy Ice Cream | My Name is Sara -

Sep 13, 2016

DIY: Protein Box

DIY Protein Box | My Name is Sara -
I’m a very lazy person. VERY lazy.  And there are a lot of days I don’t feel like making myself lunch for work, so I’ll buy lunch.  Sometimes walking to the deli or sandwich shop nearby is a great option – get out of the office for a bit and get something good to eat. A lot of times I’ll go to Starbucks in the morning for a latte, and grab one of their bistro boxes for later on.

Sep 5, 2016

DIY Nail Polish Color Coded Keys

Happy Labor Day! My three day weekend is coming to an end (Boooo!), so on this last day of relaxation until next weekend, I figure an easy DIY would be fun!

Since I moved (a year ago......), I've had tape labeling my keys to help me remember which one to use in my new locks. Not the prettiest technique, but it did the job.

I'd seen this DIY on Pinterest a few times, and was always intrigued, so I finally decided to try it out.