Dec 16, 2016

DIY Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornament

When I made these galaxy mason jar candle holders, I was left with lids that I wasn't going to use. There were a lot of ideas online that looked fun, but I wanted to something really quick and easy (big surprise, there...).

I found some leftover twine that I was going to wrap around the ring lid, but when I saw green, sparkly, garland-esque ribbon at Target, I instantly wanted to make a mini wreath with it!
I also found a small container of red sequins, only a dollar, so I picked those up as well.

This is such an easy craft, but it was fun, and I love how it turned out!

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornament

What You Need:
- Green ribbon (Any shade of green, any texture. Whatever you like!)
- About 6 inches of string or twine
- Sequins (I used all red, but you can use multi-colored)
- Craft glue (I actually just used ModPodge)

What to do:
1. Tie the string onto the lid, tying the ends together in a knot.
2. With the knot inside the ring, wrap the green ribbon around the entire ring, covering up the knot.
3. When your entire ring is covered, glue the end of the ribbon down.
4. Glue sequins around ring.
5. Add a bow with string or different colored ribbon.
How cute! I really love how this turned out, and it took literally 5 minutes. You can customize your ornament with different colored strings and ribbon, so get creative!
Show me your wreaths on Instagram, with #MNISwreath!

Happy crafting!

Photos by Sara, unless otherwise noted.

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