Oct 17, 2016

DIY Galaxy Candle Holders

I found this fun DIY from Buzzfeed, and knew I HAD to try it!  It's a great decoration for my still empty house!  Keep reading if you want to see how to make your own!

Video from Buzzfeed

What You Need:
- Quilted Mason Jars (I used three different sizes)
- ModPodge
- Food Coloring
- Glitter
- Disposable stirring sticks
- Disposable plastic cups
- Battery Operated tea light candles
What You Do:
1. Add two tablespoons of ModPodge, food coloring of your choice, 2-3 drops of water, and glitter to each plastic cup. Mix completely. I made 4 colors, but you could do as many or as little as you'd like.
2. Coat the inside of each jar with spots of each color, and rotate jar to make sure it's completely and evenly covered.
3. Place jars upside down over a paper bowl or plastic cup, using stirring sticks as a platform. Drain for at least 5-10 minutes.
4. Place jars in oven set at 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes, or until all the ModPodge is completely dry.
5. Let jars cool completely before removing and placing tea light inside.
* I forgot to add water to the ModPodge and it definitely made it more difficult to evenly coat my jar, so add that water to thin it out!
* I drained my jars for about 20 minutes, but there was still a lot of glue at the bottom, which didn't dry completely in the oven.  After a few days it air dried completely, though.
* Use battery operated tea light candles, not real flame candles - we don't want to see what fire, ModPodge, and food coloring do when they meet.
* I also added glow-in-the-dark glitter - total FAIL. You'd never even know it glows because it's so spread out. Boo.
I can't believe how well these turned out!  The colors really darkened like in the video and you could see all the glitter! So cool!

I think I actually want to try these again with different colors and different colored glitter for the holidays.  Maybe a red with gold glitter?!?!!

If you try this out, please show me! I'd love to see your awesome creations!

Until next time!

All photos by Sara, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Wow! It really looks like you have a galaxy in a jar! Love the color combo!!
    If you try holiday color jars, I'm totally down to make some with you!


    1. Let's do it! I really want to make some for Christmas!